To obtain a good organic fertilizer, it is essential to follow the whole chain of activity

Biological and traditional

This describes our process to make organic fertilizer at Redondo Izal. It is important to know the development of composting because it will indicate the final quality of the product. It is also advisable to carefully analyse the different parameters that express the information about a compost to determine its quality.

The most important parameters at the start of the process are the variety of manures, the humidity, temperature, O2, and the C/N ratio.

Composting is a process of transforming animal manures or vegetable compost (only animal in the case of Redondo Izal) into another product, which serves as soil fertilizer. Physical and biological factors intervene in this process.

For approximately a year the manures decompose very slowly, producing new compounds of differing complexity that are assimilable by the plants or the crops.

The manufacture of compost is divided into the following main phases:


The organic matter used:

Always from non-intensive livestock farms according to the standards of regulation 2092/91.

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