Committed to the environment

To speak of Redondo Izal is to speak of a company committed to the environment and to people. A company that has been devoted, since its foundation in 1980, to the manufacture and commercialization of organic fertilizer made from 100% natural organic matter.

Redondo Izal was established in 2002, with a background of 25 years of experience in the sector, with the aim of transforming animal manure into organic fertilizer for crops.

We are a family-run company that has been able to maintain over time the basic idea of improving agricultural production, focusing on natural compost and constant innovation.


Our commitment to quality has remained unchanged from day one, based on four objectives:

  • To change the concept of a traditional fertilizer and replace it with an organic, more environmentally friendly fertilizer.
  • To ensure the closest crops in time and to humify the land.
  • To increase the soils' capacity to assimilate and retain nutrients.
  • To optimize the fertility and performance of each type of terrain.

We work with our doors open, demonstrating total transparency in the process.


Redondo Izal organic fertilizers is located in the town of Cárcar in Navarra. Its facilities, composed of a manufacturing area and a field to deposit organic matter, occupy over 100,000 m2, 30% of which is coveredfor the location of the pelletizing systems and as a warehouse for the finished product.

We have a processing capacity of over 50,000 tn,  with a raw material input volume of 85,000 m3.


At Redondo Izal we have all the necessary infrastructure to offer a comprehensive service ranging from the collection of organic matter at the suppliers' facilities to the subsequent fermentation, maturation and manufacture of eco-organic fertilizer, without forgetting the last part, which is the distribution. All with own staff and infrastructure.

Social-environmental service

Redondo Izal contributes to improving the community's environment, favouring the good processing of livestock manure that meets the conditions for organic farming, by grouping its processing at its plant in Cárcar, Navarra.

Good processing also contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the decomposition of the raw material.

Composting consists of giving back to the land the organic matter and minerals extracted through harvesting.

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