Made from 100% organic matter

What is organic fertilizer?

It is a fertilizer that comes from animals, food plant remains, remains of edible mushroom crops or other organic sources, which, after a decomposition or fermentation process, transforms this organic matter into assimilable products for the soil, without leaving contaminating residues.

At Redondo Izal we make and distribute, for subsequent sale, organic fertilizer from 100% natural organic matter from sheep, horses and poultry, always from non-intensive livestock farms and we avoid all types of plant waste, sewage waste, urban solids, etc.

Advantages of Redondo Izal organic fertilizer

  • Gives the soil a better texture and structure.
  • Improves the porosity, permeability and aeration of the land.
  • Avoids the leaching of minerals.
  • Increases capacity to retain water.
  • Enriches the microbial life.
  • Facilitates the exchange of nutrients.

Where to buy our organic fertilizer