100% natural organic matter

At Redondo Izal we market our organic fertilizer made with 100% natural organic matter under different registered brands, depending on the intended use.

Equivida. Abono orgánico 100% natural Redondo Izal



Regenera. Abono orgánico 100% natural Redondo Izal




These two products are sheep-manure based, with the addition of a percentage of horse and poultry manure.

The compost products produced at Redondo Izal's facilities in Cárcar, Navarra, show the corresponding analyses in each production batch: pH, organic matter, humidity, salinity, humic extracts (humic acids and fulvic acids), total N (organic, ammoniacal), P, K, Mg, Ca, Fe, S, microminerals and trace minerals, C/N ratio and heavy metals (100% animal origin).

The parameters that reflect the quality of a good compost are:

  • Organic matter > 70%.
  • humic acids > 15.
  • fulvic acids > 13.
  • C/N – 12.
  • Quantity and variety of minerals.


Our commitment in the manufacture of fertilizer made from organic matter is not only words. We present analyses with percentages of heavy metals always within category B (100% animal origin), applicable in ORGANIC FARMING.

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