Technological innovation in the fields of microbiology and mineralization

Improving soil fertility

Like other sectors of the economy, the agricultural sector is constantly evolving, and we need to follow this evolution to ensure we do not get left behind. For this reason Redondo Izal introduces technological innovation in its composting process in the fields of microbiology and mineralization.

In its constant desire to improve the entire production process, the company Redondo Izal wants to reduce to the maximum the impacts that can arise and improve the product without increasing its final cost. For this purpose, technologies are incorporated that improve various aspects, providing unique characteristics that set it apart:

Microbiological technology

It is incorporated to improve the transformation process using "native" microorganisms specialized in decomposition and humification.

The hygiene of the final product is improved and impacts due to GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions are reduced.

Rock dust mineral technology

It consists of incorporating mineral variety in the form of dust from finely ground rocks, which fulfils several functions in the compost. The contribution of minerals in the form of rock dust leads to more intense mineralization and enriches the product in micro minerals and trace minerals, which are so important for the nutritional balance of the plants (trophobiosis theory).

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