Advantages of organic fertilizer


Land used for farming is a living being that needs three main components (3M):

  • Organic matter.
  • Minerals.
  • Microorganisms.

What is organic fertilizer?

- Organic fertilizer is a natural fertilizer that is the result of transformation through the composting of animal manures and plant remains.

- At Redondo Izal we distribute organic fertilizer made from 100% natural raw materials from sheep, horses, cattle, breeding hens and chickens. Type of livestock breeding that complies with organic farming regulations.

Crop products

At Redondo Izal we market our organic fertilizer made with 100% natural organic matter under different registered brands, depending on the intended use.

Equivida. Abono orgánico 100% natural Redondo Izal



Regenera. Abono orgánico 100% natural Redondo Izal



Where to buy our organic fertilizer